8 months searching for Margie…

Today is a culmination of medical and psychological evaluations on this journey to find Margie…

Now we know that Margie sustained enough blunt force trauma, to damage not only internally but skeletal… Since I have seen the dependent medical records and have found no time in which Margie received necessary medical care… doesn’t mean the records are complete, it just means what I have access too… so this ends that portion of the quest… we know now why Margies body is so damaged and who and how the deeds were done….

As for the mental health part… I plan to pursue that upon our return to Washington and we will see if they can help bring the memories forward… until then… I will work at it as I have… Evaluate the nightmares that come with PTSD, make sure that it is a real memory and not a dream based on a story… those are always fun…

Just knowing my mental and physical health is helpful in itself… it allows me to accept what is and what can not be changed… to pick up the pieces and start putting my life back together… one step at a time…

Hopefully in time, Margie will be fully free of her jail cell… Hopefully in time… Margie will heal…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….


Author: maggi9454

My earliest memory is before the age of 2... by the time I was 13, I had no childhood memories... No holidays, no birthdays... On 11/5/17 a shooter in Texas changed all that... It triggered my memories from my 13th year... The Air Force covered it up an it happened in Big Springs, Texas 1967... Domestic violence, PTSD, TBI and I too served in the Air Force 10 years later... This is my story to remember what was stolen...

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