Margie is starting to wake up…

Margies nightmare started as a toddler… The first blow, by an old fashion long-handled hair brush… not even 2 years old yet… This was her first introduction into domestic violence and cons and her own self-awareness…

Margies unique ability to see what others did not… is what allowed her to survive… Her instincts which would be of crucial value in saving her own children’s lives when a rapist tried to murder them on Vance Air Force Base, again in the river on Japan where 3 adults had died that day and she saved her own sons life while risking hers and once again, when all the doctors her husband saw, missed his immediate life threatening heart failure, she knew something was terribley wrong…he had a triple by-pass shortly after her discovery the doctors missed… So yes… Margies unique ability has saved more than just her life….

The family has spoken volumes over the decades…. about how Margie needs to save her soul… guess they were all wearing her skin while she lived the last 64 years… you really can’t fix stupid… So they made the choice of religion over Margie and the brainwashing continues….its easier to ask their fake god to forgive them, than ask for my forgiveness…

As for the PTSD, TBI’s and depression…. It doesn’t take up my whole thought process anymore… I chose to own my life and my actions and my beliefs… I chose not to have anyone or any fictional characters dictate how I live my life… and if my birth family wants to be a part of my life… they can get mental health and not through our sibling… that kid is as warped as mother….

Most of all… what nightmares I am having… don’t impact my day like they did in previous writing… The change is subtle and the little girl who withdrew from her own family at the age of 6 because she spoke about her sibling on a TV show and was beaten so severely the parents should have been locked up…. that little girl is in control now and yet the nightmares are truly going away…

It’s as if I don’t have a need or desire to pursue them anymore… What happened in the military household, happened thousands of times in other American military households… My case is not unique… It’s just one of millions…

I am one of the lucky ones if you think about it…. I don’t remember the violence in its entirety… Will I ever??? Only will know that when I submit to hypnosis when we get back to Washington and I go see the shrink at the Spokane VA… Only time will tell what more will come forward…

Depression -000 Maggi 100+

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….


Author: maggi9454

My earliest memory is before the age of 2... by the time I was 13, I had no childhood memories... No holidays, no birthdays... On 11/5/17 a shooter in Texas changed all that... It triggered my memories from my 13th year... The Air Force covered it up an it happened in Big Springs, Texas 1967... Domestic violence, PTSD, TBI and I too served in the Air Force 10 years later... This is my story to remember what was stolen...

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