When family choses religion over you…

Over the ages of time, superstitions turned to religious cults that sold you on magic for the birth of a human being….Really??? Science has proven it takes male sperm and a womans eggs… Only animals can concieve without both male an female…. So much for the myth of Je’sus…. Its like saying tomato or tomata…. Still the same thing… It takes two to tango in the human speices….or we have millions of doctors working in medicine who have no clue…yet the religious cults seek out these professionals cause their religion can not save them to live longer…but it sounds good…really makes me wonder what those people did in life to hide behind a man made god… Looking at Trump and swamp need I say more….

So when family choses religion over you….just wave bye bye…because “You just can’t fix stupid”…

I believe in magic you muggles….

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….

Author: maggi9454

My earliest memory is before the age of 2... by the time I was 13, I had no childhood memories... No holidays, no birthdays... On 11/5/17 a shooter in Texas changed all that... It triggered my memories from my 13th year... The Air Force covered it up an it happened in Big Springs, Texas 1967... Domestic violence, PTSD, TBI and I too served in the Air Force 10 years later... This is my story to remember what was stolen...

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