Frustrated….or Amused???

Yesterday I get a text from AT&T that I exceeded my 10 gigs of hotspot… I freaked, we are supposed to be unlimited… the employee had lied to us… 3rd time this has happened with the company…

So off to town we go, to the AT&T store and talk with an employee and check into what we have to do, to keep our communications on-line working…. The plan I had before, was the one the girl switched us off of, is the one we are back on… I am so over corruption and the fact that liars hurt all of us in the pocket-book… just look at the mess Trump and the GOP have done to America… FYI, we have had company and they used the same or different carriers… so we know what works for our location, isolated it is… but wouldn’t change a thing….

Then I get a few emails from some woman who demands I make changes to the Heritage Family Tree site??? I mean REALLY??? I wasn’t aware anyone else paid for it but me…What is wrong with people…

Then another person contacts me about my blog saying I should be investigated…. PLEASE DO!!! It would save me from having to write the book, because the U.S. government would pay me off…. so go for it who ever you are Margaret Lynn…..

Then another person contacts me saying they are a sibling… but they make the blog about themselves… zero support for me… REALLY????

Society has become a self-gratification, demand do as I say, not as I do and authoritarian….

Guess what dumb ass’s!!!! Only one person lives in this skin and only one person is paying for anything…..


I Believe in magic you muggles…. So over stupid….

TimesUp #MeToo

 I Remember……