TBI… when you remember….

How do you tell a false memory from a real memory… I can tell you what the text books say… but I found them to be lacking, as there was no actual experience or relation to my paticular situation… doesn’t mean there isn’t information out there… I just haven’t found it since I woke up Nov 7, 2017…. now we know AT&T is screwing with our hot spot… explains our issues with communications… 18 months and counting before we go back to Washington…

In the meantime… I will try and do my posting early in our day before the signal gets eaten up due to the loss of the tower in the lava flow….

As for me when it comes to my memories and I have related this to the shrinks….. When I make a memory it usually is in color and full video mode and it never alters… unlike most people… my memories don’t alter…. in other words, my brain makes a permanent video of the moment that I want to remember… I don’t do it all the time, I do have a brain injury and that does cause a hiccup in some of my process’s….

When its a memory that I am not sure about… it will be in black and white and it never is a video… its a snap shot of the moment… That usually tells me, that the memory is a plant from the family and not one of my making…

That is how I know when my family is lying to me and trying to throw attention off themselves and put it on someone else… never owning their behavior and always hiding behind their religion…. The memory will stay black and white and at some point in time… the memory will be proved false by the ones who planted it… I remember the lies they tell… they don’t and that is when they trip themselves up and reveal their true selves….

So far my parents and all of my siblings have done this… So though my siblings bitched and ranted and raved about the injustices of theirs parents…. they all turned out to be just like them… Which explains in loud volumes why I kept my distance from them after leaving home at 18 and making that distance even greater over time as I gained back my memories….

The final nail in the coffin for the family is Nov 7, 2017 when I woke up from the Big Springs, Texas attack…

That is when I saw the people I once called family for who they really are….

Do I think that my siblings and mother are mentally messed up… Probably… but they are accepting of their lives as it is because their god will forgive them…. in reality they can’t forgive themselves and will be miserable till they meet their grave…. 

Fear is the mind killer, I will face my fears and let them pass through me and only I will remain… I faced mine a long time ago… that is why I belive in me and not some man made gods… I believe in ME….

People like Trump want you to believe in fairy tales…. if that is the case… I believe in magic you muggles…. I don’t believe Trump or his base…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….