Sensorimotor Neuropathy….

That is the other label the Neurologist put on me… So its Autonomic and Sensorimotor Neuropathy I was diagnosed with this year… essentially polyneuropathy is the catch-all phrase for it….

Because I suffered no major illness, was never in a bad auto accident, was never injured in sports cause I rarely played them…no physical injury in the military and most of all no other human alive or dead ever laid a hand on me, except, mom and dad…. 

With medical records as far back as 1974, the evidence speaks for itself… The combination of the 2 neuropathies are the end result of domestic violence and not receiving proper medical care…

If a doctor saw the blunt force trauma to that 6-year-old… Those 2 adults would have gone to jail… So many people kept silent… So many aunts and uncles… Why… Because it was happening in their homes…. 2 of the uncles were in the military… Silence among men, while the innocent suffer….

Since leaving home, I have searched for answers about my health and mental status… To finally have those answers and to finally know the truth is a great relief…

The neuropathy will never go away… but as hubby and I discuss all the times the incidents have happened and the pattern of events that go along with those incidents… It gives us great relief to know the truth…

I will never understand the religious and the truth… the two do not and will never go together… it will always be laced with bigotry, conspiracy theories and fear of their shadow…

I will take my life… with all the angst that goes with the neuropathy and the hiccup of not completely knowing my childhood… right here, right now… I’m good… I am happy, a little sore today… but my life is so very good… 

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….

Author: maggi9454

My earliest memory is before the age of 2... by the time I was 13, I had no childhood memories... No holidays, no birthdays... On 11/5/17 a shooter in Texas changed all that... It triggered my memories from my 13th year... The Air Force covered it up an it happened in Big Springs, Texas 1967... Domestic violence, PTSD, TBI and I too served in the Air Force 10 years later... This is my story to remember what was stolen...

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