Anger begins to boil….

I woke up this morning angry… Don’t remember a bad dream… In fact I haven’t had any PTSD nightmares for some time now… So, what triggered my anger…. 

As with remembering the memories that are repressed, it takes triggers for those buried memories of trauma to come forward… the same with the anger… and I realize, it’s because some one posted some religious garbage and it was on my page…. That is what pissed me off…

I get everyone in the world has a right to believe as they like, live as they like and think as they like… But even in America you have the morons who think what they believe is the only thing out there to believe and you realize even for educated people… they are dumb as posts….

How many scandals does it take to show how corrupt religion is… How many children are you willing to sacrifice, just because you believe in a god no one can see, touch, smell, taste or hear…. and you think I’m nuts…. Yea, right…. It’s called you can’t fix stupid without going to jail….

Yet in America we have the right to believe, not believe, live it or not live it…. We can isolate ourselves and we can live among millions… but we all have the freedom to choose what path in life we take…. Not some story line from a couple thousand years ago….

We have been walking this earth for 275,000 years plus… Gods only got here when those who wanted power did just like Trump is doing…. They lie and con you and story tellers have been instrumental in our world for thousands of years…. It doesn’t make the story true…

I have no need to be told right from wrong…. I know the difference… I have no need to ask anyone for any kind of forgiveness…. I live my life based on right and wrong… I will make mistakes and I will make the effort to not repeat those mistakes… I am only human… and to be human is to err….

Only those who break laws believe in gods… so they have an excuse to break the humans laws…. Its called bait and switch…. Because they believe they have a right and don’t have to ask before they rape you, but make you atone for your sins that are not sins, but laws broken by humans…. but your god will forgive you…. 

You really can’t fix stupid without going to jail….

TimesUp #MeToo

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