See Saw, they saw…. TBI issues….

Ever play on a see saw… you know those goofy things you can dump the other person, usually a sister or brother, who else would you torment and dump them on their face when you jump off your seat… Maybe that’s not a good analogy… my head is swimming a little, give me a sec…..

Okay got it… don’t know what they are called, but I think Disney World or land or something has a ride you can get on that drops you like you are in a free fall… feels like your stomach just landed in your throat… got it… geez, okay you are in an elevator and the stop button don’t work, enjoy the ride….

I can be sitting in my recliner and my body will give me this sensation that we are in free fall, or at least it feels that way, when in fact I am sitting perfectly still and the brain is in free fall and you know, I just realized the doctor is smarter than me… I hate to think it, but she may be right… I am having and have had seizures for the last 58 years…. WOW, what did I tell you about reality bitch slapping you once in a while… well I just got my wake up call….

What I have been describing is seizure related… I know this, because I researched seizures after my oldest child had them and learned a bit… Like I always say, you can have a high IQ, but if you are not educated, it does you very little good sometimes… and this is a case in point… I really don’t like being wrong when it comes to this kind of thing… I hope my gut is wrong on this one…

Wow, sometimes this writing thing gives me more than I bargained for… I let my guard down and Margie took over… That is one smart little girl… to bad her life was cut short by her own family… it seems she is taking care of me now…. and has been my whole life… She is one true survivor…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….