TBI episode #3 Coming Right Up….!

Give me a break will ya… I keep telling my brain as the headache in the same place hits…. As I feel the pain go down the side of my skull into my neck and that is all the information it gives me… It’s done it twice this morning… This tells me something will happen in 24 hours and it won’t be pleasant…. and I still wait after about 2 weeks waiting on that EEG… Now if I was still connected at congress I could pick up the phone… but my contacts are all dead or retired and have no say in this current administration…. so I wait and wait and hope that I don’t go through what I went through last Saturday and was screaming in pain for 24 hours… I have crossed my fingers, toes, legs and arms and eyes, in the hope that this headache signal is just a headache….

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…..