Microsoft agrees…

Made BBC news and our national news about what I raised hell about the foreign powers invading face book and stealing sites yesterday….

Gee, ya think I know what I am talking about now???

Never understood trolls of any kind….

But I busted out laughing when I saw the news this AM….

Not bad for a dumb ass, or at least that is according to my birth family…..

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…..

Author: maggi9454

Domestic violence, rape and assault are not new in America or the world... but it is accepted in the highest offices of our government in America... The catholic church, in congress and the white house... you can use and abuse people as long as you can make everyone believe the words coming out of your mouth.... My body shows the evidence of domestic violence and Air Force cover up... I am just one among millions whose government was complicit in rape and domestic violence... Until women step up and vote with their voice... Men in power, will protect men in power and do it in the name of your god and country.... Your voice, your vote...