Lane gets closer…

The day started with a loss of power sometime during the night… but coffee was hot when we got up…

We have already had about 10 inches of rain, thankfully we live on top of stacked volcanic rock, so it all goes in the ground as we have very little soil… lots of flooding around us though….

The front band of the hurricane is what has been hitting us and of course this storm made its front end stronger than the back… so we are getting hammered with rain and the winds are starting to pick up…

Lane is weakening, but the damn thing is so slow, that it is going to dump all the ocean back on top of us… anyone want a salt bath???

We keep losing Dish, so its back and forth between rooms, where we have TV’s linked to an outside antenna as backup….

They expect Lane to weaken over the next 36 hours, but, if you have never lived in the middle of the ocean… you have no clue how much water these storms take from it and dumps it back down… so a good washing our islands are getting….

Keep us in your thoughts and send all the positive energy you can… the gods of water and wind are having way to much fun….

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