Life is a Bitch, cause Karma is along for the ride….

I am not religious… do not buy into what can not be proven… blind faith is a psychological “Head Fake”… and only those desperate to atone for their “sins”, are religious and those that are mentally not whole… these are the people who believe we didn’t walk on the moon, but their god they cannot touch, see or hear is real… you really can not fix stupid… you just can’t….

Karma does exist in my mind, only because,  people who stole my identity after I had remarried twice since that marriage, he died very recently and I am alive… I passed on his military retirement, even though by law I was entitled to it… I did not earn it… but he had no problem stealing my identity… So much for his integrity and honor…his wife is now living off what they got, because of my credit…  lost all respect when he used my identity….. his name still shows on one credit bureau and I have been married 24 years to the same man, whose name is different from the one dead….. But I am alive and the man who used me,  is dead… Karma….

Those that help me make a child, but they could not pay a measly $125 a month in child support… as they went on to become wealthy… his mom died after my child gave her, her first great-grandchild and they went to see her…. she was a wonderful woman… he lost his mother early…. Karma… he loved his mom greatly….

Karma has a way of evening the playing field of life… It’s all about the individual choices we make and when you neglect to look how that choice can impact others… that is when Karma bites you in the ass… 

Not much you can do about people, who steal your identity or become wealthy and refuse to support a child or go on to become leaders…. what you do as you walk through life, impacts more than just yourself…. and when bad things happen to you, instead of going why me… ask, okay, where did I screw up and who did I hurt or injure in the process of my choices…. If you do that… you learn to walk through life, knowing every choice I make can negatively or positively impact another… This way you can make sure you leave as little damage in your walk through life as possible…

It’s about living life and owning it and not treading heavily on other people’s paths as your path cross’ with theirs… We are many individuals, but we are all connected….. because we are only one species on this planet that walk upright and use logic … Human….

It’s called Life…..

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…..

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  1. Hi Maggi. I’m so sorry about all that has happened to you. I totally understand why you would struggle to believe in God. I wish you all the best in your journey to overcoming the PTSD and other yukky things that you did not ask for in your life.

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