Fantasy I Created to Survive….

The fantasy I created to survive in my parents home is now falling apart… the world Margie built to protect herself is falling away and the reality of what my life was truly like is coming back to me in Technicolor….

I always knew that I had a world around me to protect me, I just did not understand why until Nov 7, 2017 and the death of 26 innocence…

I have a feeling that what I put to pen and paper now could be the most fun I have ever had in my life…. and the most rewarding… I had no fear of what I saw, just satisfaction of knowing that I was right to listen to my instincts and never trust the people I once called family…..

I have my own family now and those that want to be a part of my world are and those that don’t, will always be on the outside looking in… because they live with fear…. It takes courage to own your life… but the reward is so worth it…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….. Margie….