Headaches…. UGH!!!

Headaches have been with me for as long as I can remember… Yesterday was a fun day and I will explain why….

Science says we have different areas of the brain that we store specific type of information and we have specific areas of the brain that control creativity, complex thinking, music, childhood memories, yada, yada….

A pattern of issues arise when I get headaches and yes they are always in the same spot and they always cause the same problem…..

Yesterday I had one hell of a time trying to articulate a full sentence and be coherent… I remember that happening before, when talking about my studying to become a paramedic and I couldn’t convey the conversation, my brain farted on me and continued to do so for the whole day… just like yesterday….

The headaches I have complained about since I was in the military… just like those doctors, no one listened and in fact no one is listening now… but at least the EEG is Friday… which I expect to be normal….

No, If I am right and more than likely as usual I am… I have blood clots on the brain or there is permanent scarring on the brain from blunt force trauma… I mean I do have an indention in my skull, hello….

Another thing about the headaches, they impact my diet, my vision and my thought process… they always have and I doubt that will ever change… all because of the people in the house I once called home… by the people I once called family….

Yep, I will be well aware of that today as the throbbing on the left side of my skull picks up pace…. I got one there and one on the upper right quadrant… I may love my brain, but there are days I would like it to not be so pushy….

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember… Margie….