Memory of little girls…. before the rapes started….

I have written about my sister in this story, she plays a pivotal part in the unmasking of the sadistic behavior in a Air Force christian family… I am trying very hard to push religion out of this story, but, I can not… It too plays a pivotal role in Margies Song….

The memory that has been bothering me for a week now has to do with my sister… we had a bond once and it was not a close bond… it never was, nor could it ever be… I could not compete with my mother, who was more interested in molding her mini me… my younger sister….

The memory that keeps coming into my view frame, is two little girls about the age of 4 to 8 years old… I can not pin it down closer yet, that is part of journey I am exploring…. putting the memories in the proper time frame… hypnosis is my next adventure after we get home…

As for the memory, it is two little girls giggling, laying in the bottom bunk or a bed big enough for the two girls and they would gently run their finger on each others back, all the while telling secrets that only little girls tell and drifting off to sleep, being comforted by your only friend…. and the memory is gone…

Things changed either after the TV show interview or the boob incident… but the sister changed and from my perspective, she grabbed hold of man-made religion, because she could not face her participation in the abuse of Margie…. so she chose to hide from reality and jump on the band wagon to destroy her once best friend….

Reality is a very cold bed fellow, one that has entered my world repeatedly over the last 11 months… the anniversary of my getting my memories back is fast approaching…. 11/7/17 is when I heard Margies Song… her voice, ever-growing stronger, her personality pushing its way back into my life and her warped sense of humor that has kept this 64-year-old heart alive… laughter, always an important part of my life….

The president and so many in power, demonizing the rape victim is systemic in society, because their god will forgive them… but will America???

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…. Margie…..