Devil made them do it???

First the Pope comes out and says it is the Devil that is destroying the church???

Then Trump comes out and says it was evil that tried to ruin Kavanaugh???


Okay I get religion and the simple-minded behavior that comes with it and I get that religion is in the DNA… so says the scientist….

But!!! You are going to tell me that those victims of the church and sexual assault were NOT assaulted by humans but by DEVILS????

Sorry, that one is for the books on mass hysteria and delusions….

People lie… the PoPe and Trump and been found to be liars… only you can choose what to believe…

I for one… do not intend to jump off any bridge, just because these two human beings hold positions of power…. or silver tongues… pied piper they are not… just saying…

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix its self…. and frankly… I am thinking the hills of Tonasket is where I am going to hide… because these humans… 

Be Bat Shit Crazy!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….

Author: maggi9454

Domestic violence, rape and assault are not new in America or the world... but it is accepted in the highest offices of our government in America... The catholic church, in congress and the white house... you can use and abuse people as long as you can make everyone believe the words coming out of your mouth.... My body shows the evidence of domestic violence and Air Force cover up... I am just one among millions whose government was complicit in rape and domestic violence... Until women step up and vote with their voice... Men in power, will protect men in power and do it in the name of your god and country.... Your voice, your vote...

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