Anger… yep still there….

With all that I have learned to understand and take into my world with full context and not fake news spread by family members who for some bizarre reason, think they know me… that’s a laugh… I don’t know me!!!

Anger is still there… not in the context that it ruins my day or I attack what ever I can… no I leave that for face book… I figure if people are going to shove their religious views up my ass, I will use face book to vent… then hubby says, but are you venting in anger or just venting…. had to think about that for a moment… I would say a little of both…

When your world is controlled by bigots, you do all you can to break free… and then the simple-minded American people who buy into religion and being controlled sold us out to a dude that is worse than the worse for how he treats people.. that are not his blood… bigotry at its best…

So yep, I am still angry… the things I see on face book by family and friends has a powerful impact on me… it makes me look for a different place to move too… it makes me want more isolation and less human contact… it makes me gag, that I know or am related to bigots…

I am beginning to think they out number us, only by going with the count they sit on their brains, instead of using the one attached to their neck……….

I can not change the bigotry in America… I experienced it on Okinawa, when the Japanese rioted and demonstrated and burned vehicles and threatened us school kids as we left the hotel under police escort to the school bus… I was a Senior… so bigotry is not isolated to just Americans… We are just supposed to be educated and that is obvious by Trump and Kavanaugh that education is the least of our problems… ethics and morales is where America jumped off the train of humanity….

Angry, yes… will it ever pass… no I hope I hold onto some measure of it… just to remind me of the bigotry and hate I have watched my whole life… and all from christians… family, friends and strangers…

At one time I was willing to forgive them and be the bigger person… guess what, that is nothing more than a psychological feel good head fake… and those people who did all this damage to my body before I made it to the age of 14…. 

I will bend over and you can kiss my ass…. Until you own your part in what you do to people… you will stay on the outside looking in and making up stories about our lives that you will never be a part of…

Life is about choice and religion and politics has turned America into the land of the bigots…

You can keep your religion… I never asked to participate… you don’t see me shoving my beliefs down your throat or up your ass… but you insist on exposing me to your bigotry… we have a word for that….


TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…..


Author: maggi9454

Domestic violence, rape and assault are not new in America or the world... but it is accepted in the highest offices of our government in America... The catholic church, in congress and the white house... you can use and abuse people as long as you can make everyone believe the words coming out of your mouth.... My body shows the evidence of domestic violence and Air Force cover up... I am just one among millions whose government was complicit in rape and domestic violence... Until women step up and vote with their voice... Men in power, will protect men in power and do it in the name of your god and country.... Your voice, your vote...

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