Censorship is spreading…

Always before a dictatorship takes over you have censorship….

Face book is the worse of them… the owner is a christian and it shows in how he runs his business….

News stations are another… KGMB Hawaii News Now deleted my post about their story on the web site 23andMe DNA and compromising your identity… 

The only company or business to compromise my identity in the last 25 years…. Trans Union Credit Co., Equafax, UNM Medical facility in northern NM and the El Paso VA….

But not one compromise has come out of my DNA testing… when it comes to my identity…  23andMe has security in place that has done a better job, than any of the other places I mentioned….

My complaint in New Mexico is a matter of public record because I have a lawsuit if I want one… I haven’t decided yet…it was real ugly what the employee did and the CEO & CFO both lied straight up to me… and the VA had the evidence to prove it…  so the case is open and on file with the state attorney generals office…. the federal sector did nothing but brush it under the rug… along with my identity… thus credit monitoring at my expense… VA worse health care in the world and that is a fact….

The only place I have been able to fully express myself is this blog… no censorship… and I realize… have I made it easy for anyone to say what they think without being defensive…

Maybe not… still a work in progress… at least I am trying… the rest of the world… well, it’s the rest of the world… and I need to work on my little part of this bigger world….

Censorship, yep, I am seeing it… remember I lived in other countries, in fact, spent the first half of my life doing just that…. I have seen actual censorship and that is what I am seeing in America….

Democracy…. it’s a tenuous thing and it only takes the simple-minded religious bigots a foot hold and we could be looking at another era of McCarthyism….. and people think America is educated… boy do we have the world fooled for now… but thanks to Trump, he showed the world just how little education my kids generation actually have… that is obvious by who is president….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember…. Margie….

Author: maggi9454

Domestic violence, rape and assault are not new in America or the world... but it is accepted in the highest offices of our government in America... The catholic church, in congress and the white house... you can use and abuse people as long as you can make everyone believe the words coming out of your mouth.... My body shows the evidence of domestic violence and Air Force cover up... I am just one among millions whose government was complicit in rape and domestic violence... Until women step up and vote with their voice... Men in power, will protect men in power and do it in the name of your god and country.... Your voice, your vote...

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