5% Cut Across the Board…

Trump wants to cut jobs in government…

Being a career employee, the dude is bat shit crazy!!!

Hiring freeze in place for a year now… Now he wants to cut more jobs!?!

Hate to tell you this Trump… But those few millions you save is a drop in the bucket with the “RIch Mans Tax Cut ” as law… You expect us to bail your sorry crazy ass???? 

Dude their will be so many people dancing in the street when you croke and this old woman will be one of them!!!

You just can not fix stupid, then religion, tea party an GOP dumps Trump on us….

If there was a god or gods, they have got to be laughing their ass off at America… Laughing so hard, we are flooding earth…

Sure climate change is a hoax…. FYI the new Air Force One… 3.9 Billion ordered this year, Boeing has the contract… Always about image, talked enough about that in AMERICA…..

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…..