I Went There and Turned Around!!!

I went there and I have a complete about-face on the subject…. and this is a pet peeve of mine lately on face book and the bull shit people post and you can always tell the religious from the rest…..

At one time I thought forgive and move on… so I tried it, put it in print… made myself sick to my stomach for trying to do the religious thing of forgiving and moving on and it hit me so hard between the eyes… I laughed so hard, I peed my old panties!!!!

What is wrong with me???? Why should I forgive and move on??? I mean that is the biggest religious head fake out there and if anyone in psychology says you have to… then I will show you a christian!!! and not a mental health worker….

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FORGIVE AND MOVE ON!!!!!   EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, just a little angry this morning over this kind of crap on face book… and from a mental health professional who is also a christian and I know her personally very nice lady, just mixed up with mental health and religion…. and I do not mean my half sister!!!!

Head fake behavior is a behavior that is used to control populations… it takes away from your individuality and it takes away your right to be angry over sexual assault or domestic violence… just a couple of things that impacted my life negatively….

So NO, I do not have to forgive and move on….

In order to forgive and move on… the people who hurt you have to own their behavior and we all know cowards go to their grave in denial…. so that is how my father, mother and brother and sister will be remembered…. cowards and bigots and abusers…..

In order for me to have good memories of these people… they have to own their lives and the negative impacts their actions had on other people’s lives…. and to do that…. you have to be adult….

Christians be adult… they have been delusional and cowards that hide behind religion so they can rape, lie, steal, cheat and abuse who they please and we are just supposed to bend over and take it….

Not on my watch…. You want to be a part of my world… then own your actions and the damage you did to my body… until then…. you can go screw yourselves….

I do not have to forgive and forget and I never will… Don went to his grave and my only memory of him is abuse, liar, cheat and thief…. his sperm may have made me… but his life will be remembered only as that…. a sperm donor and my mother… and easy bake oven…. as for the siblings… they have an opportunity and so far the oldest brother has told me to save my soul…. from what, I got no clue and as for the sister… you got me… all I have gotten is lies for the last several decades….

Up to you how to live your life and how you deal with abuse… my choice… keep my anger close to my heart against those that harmed me… and never let them in the door…. because they refuse to own their lives and blame everything and everyone but themselves….

I own my life…. Do you???

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I Remember… Margie….  

FYI, I dreamed of my mother all night and no I am not in a good mood… got to see her for what she truly is and this was my pre-school years I got to relive last night!!! She is more than just bat shit crazy… she should be locked up and never let out of her cage!!!