Evangelicals say Mans life not worth 100 B???

For real, just saw it on the TV myself, think the dudes name is Pat Robinson or something like that, multi millionaire off of his followers… and he says… “You can’t cancel a 100 Billion dollar deal over ONE MANS LIFE!!!???


I have said from the beginning of my writing that religion is nothing more than one mans tool to control another man or woman…. you got stupid on both sides of the aisle…

My question is this???

What is a PERSON’s LIFE WORTH???

Is it because of status, who you are or your faith or your skin color or your sex or your position in life????

Who is to say what a HUMAN’s life is worth???? Christians???? We all know what they think of children… I am one of their many victims and survivor….

People who push religion are nothing more than bullies… plain and simple…they can rape, steal, lie and cheat and abuse… 

But god will forgive them….

You can not fix stupid… stupid has to want to fix itself…

Some thresholds I will not cross, because you chose a fantasy god that you have NEVER seen, touched, talked to in person, smelled or seen bleed…. and in my book that makes you bat shit crazy and I did crazy once in my life… I will pass….

When you think you know me…. that is when the reality of our relationship bitch slaps you… because not even Mike truly knows me…. and that is my choice… not your gods…. I am first and foremost a HUMAN… not a puppet….

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I Remember…. Margie…

Author: maggi9454

Margie was born into a typical christian military family... Her story is anything but typical... Domestic violence, rape, attempted murder and all done while my dad served in the U. S. Air Force and they buried the truth... then my own children impacted by Air Force cover up while I am active duty.... Rape, Attempted murder, domestic violence and discrimination in the name of the United States Government... and it is still happening as I write... just look at Trump, Kavanaugh and Thomas.... Circle of Silence is no more....