Entering my World….

Please put your trays in the upright position… have your seats upright and locked and lastly, fasten your seat belt… because this is going to be anything but smooth….

After the presidential elections and I saw how many people I associated with were actually bigots… I got off social media, went in different directions… dumped it all together and then Nov 7, 2017 came along and turned my world upside down in a life changing way….

I used to have many friends on face book, anything over 35 people is a lot… I like my world small, always have, and more than likely it will not change much…even though I am awake and aware of the world…..

When I started this journey last year, I was exhilarated and terrified at the same time… I knew that the real person inside me was fighting to come out and I wasn’t all to sure I was ready for primetime or anything else that put me in the spot light… that lesson was imprinted long before I was able to add 2 & 2…..

It always goes back to the TV show my sister and I were on… that is when life took a direction that I am just now understanding… all because image was more important than explaining why mother was embarassed…always about that woman… same with the boob incident and the fine people in Alabama in that trailer park, not reporting the abuse… makes me proud to have lived among such fine upstanding evangelicals… who think life is not worth 1Billion…..

I just threw up in my mouth, I am that disgusted with christians….

Letting people into my world became my choice Nov 7, 2017…. I have been disrespected by my daughter in-laws and their children… I have been disrespected by my own sons…. and I have been used and abused by my own birth family….

That all ended Nov 7, 2017… When Margie decided she wanted her life back and it was time for Maggi to take a hike… and so the battle rages inside… and who is going to win…


Its called compromise… each personality helped to form the person I am today… without light, there can be no darkness….

I said I would never go by the name Margie again and that is true…. Margie will always be a very important part of who I am…. a person who fought to survive abuse at the hands of people who say they are my family…..

That is not my version of family… until they can stand before me and apologize for what they did… they will continue to live on the outside looking in… and you know what, not to sure they are smart enough to figure it out… just my opinion of these people who have judged me my whole life…

Its my world… I own it… because its my life…. want to be a part of it… all you have to do…

Own your world and your life…. and prove to me your are sencere in your apology… said it a thousand times…”lying to me is the dumbest thing anyone can do”… it always bites them in the ass….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember…. Margie….