All in my Imagination….

Oh, how I wish I had a Million dollars every time a health care professional or my sibling made that kind of statement…. my favorite one….

“I am sorry for what you think you suffered at home”???? Now that is not 100% word for word… but the message was exactly what it was meant to be…

I do not believe you and you made ALL of this up….. REALLY????? I mean FOR REAL????

Well howdy dowdy time…. just wow…

I have all my medical records, except for my pregnancies…. and I did try to get those records and so did the VA, they no longer exist… I have some of my childhood medical information…. I would not be rated 100% disabled veteran, now would I, if the government didn’t have all they need and I got a copy of what they got… get my drift….

What my records show… from the time I went active duty in 1977 to now… I was never injured, not in a bad car accident, not assaulted physically by anyone, except in rape and that is a whole different kind of injury, bottom line…. my life is so well documented…. that even in the military… a couple of the doctors knew something was wrong… the rape of my child and the push to get me out, was more important than my health care…. one document stated, I should see a medical board… I just found that in my military medical records the other day…. I was screwed… because image of the base was more important than my health or my childs….

So when someone tells me this is all in my imagination, or tries to throw rocks at my stick house…. get over yourself…. 

I have the evidence… and all you got, is your imagination and boy howdy, is it working overtime, between making up fake news about my life and praying to a god that never existed….

Yep, it’s all in my imagination alright….. NOT!!!

I think this is one of those instances where I get to say “Told You So”…. Truth is always stranger than fiction…. just look at the bible and Egypts recent discoveries… Paid labor built the pyramids…. not slaves….

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I Remember… Margie….