Life is like a box of chocolates….

Every watch that movie Forest Gump… I think we watched it twice… then I got bored with it…  but the analogy is correct… life is like a box of chocolates… never know what you are getting until it’s too late…. psychic the human race is not… intuitive, most definitely… experienced those abilities myself, first hand….

Not sure what is on the horizon for me at this point and time… letting them do more neurological tests, will just confirm what I have been saying… TBI & PTSD… but, I have fought so hard to get here… might as well see it to the end…. they may not order any further tests, if they can find the info in my VA records… and that isn’t likely… every doctor I have dealt with in the last 10 years has said straight up, they can’t figure out what is in our medical records, because of so much 3rd party rhetoric from employees at the VA…. and that is a fact… I have a full copy of my medical records all the way back to the, well lets just say, I have everything from at least 67 to now and a little bit more….

Sleep, not an issue, except for the age part of it… and they said having kids was the best thing ever… tell that to my bladder!!!

Depression… not having any, no melancholy or anything…. in fact… I am itching to go hiking and do other things… but we have a floor to remove and our kids, found someone here on the island to take the part of the flooring that isn’t damaged… so no land fill and that always makes us happy…. our kids lived here at one time and still have friends living here…

I really have no complaints… except I really do not like exercising, but I am doing it every day and can see and feel the difference in all my pain issues… so there is hope that I can control my pain better…. and the weight is coming off in a controlled manner, and not because mental issues….

Complaints… other than the dumb ass in the white house and the GOP… nope, got none… Just doing like everyone else that pays attention… preparing for the recession, inflation and depression that is coming and hoping we are moved before it happens…. if it happens before we move… we will be living here at least another 3 to 5 years, waiting for interest rates to come back down…. 

So yep, life is like a box of chocolates and the nut bags in Washington are playing the shell game with Americas future… and I am one nervous American… not afraid… just financially nervous of what is to come….

Have a beautiful day, ours will be lots of rain and maybe a little packing….

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