World series…

Watching the game in over time an it triggered a memory…

Air Force base location, I think Gunther… But not 100% on that part of the memory… Montgomery, Alabama….

Dad had a part time job as umpire for soft ball or base ball….

I am around 10 years, sitting in the stands and a foul ball nails me on the top of the head….

I remember the adults freaking an asking if I was okay… They ask a kid???

My reply, I am fine… I felt the blow, but no pain… No vision or headache or any kind of issue… But I also do not remember anything else about that summer…

Was this a TBI in the mild form of concussion… Who is to say… I was never seen by a doctor to my knowledge, for anything, until I was a teenager an could speak for myself on health care…. 

That brings the known blows to the head 5 by my parents, several from hitting floor from top bunk when dead asleep an one by baseball….

Some how I made it through school, over five years active duty, gave birth to two boys an made a life for myself contributing to society, instead of taking….

No one will ever convince me that there is anything more powerful than the human brain an heart…. 

I am living proof…

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I Remember … Margie….