Almost ready to walk away….

This morning, first thing after the coqui frogs woke me up at 4:30 AM…

I started coffee and got on-line, early time, best time for good signal… so I am checking face book and right in my face, foreign ads about the migrant caravan and of course people shared the post and then a post about Saudi arabia, which I could not report, and that told me immediately foreign ad and there was no web page…. sigh, all this is so easy to monitor and understand when outside influence is controlling your life and not you… but bigots have to take responsibility too…. and my birth family… so far, none have learned to walk away from the past and embrace the now… so bigots they are… which in its self is very sad…

The behavior of our own children and the things they find okay and we find highly offensive…. the behavior of people who say they are a friend… but they practice a religion and the only religion that has ever hurt me… christianity and I am supposed to be hunky dory about that..??? REALLY???

We sat down and figured it out… Since we got married we have moved 10 times in 24 years… lived in multiple states, invested in those communities and learned and watch how the people were and we sold and left… the bigotry was too much… the hate dripping and the religion of christians corrupt and vile….

All those considerations is having an impact on where we chose to move to and make our final home….

I find it odd, that people base their votes on news media, social media and not research that they do personally and then they bitch the loudest when things go the way of the rich and the rest are left in the cold…  that is what con’s do… Trump is a prime example of a con… christians are another…. which is why they support Trump or did at one time… always about choice and I know some who chose to support this bigot, even when warned of his lack of ethics and morality… that is what Christians do… make exceptions to fit their agenda… not country… their agenda….

I have lived in countries where religion was diverse and nothing like each other… but not one culture pushed their religion or beliefs on me… but christians do it every day… and every day children are raped and abused in the name of that god… makes you wonder just how bad is mental illness in America???

I want to move, only because I am ready to make a town in America my home… I just wonder if I will fit in… bigotry is so pervasive and invasive in America… how do you find the peace, freedom and solace you seek… if you are persecuted by christians???

What happened to my right to not believe in your fantasy god??? What happened to my liberty??? What happened to my rights as an individual and woman???


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