Flawed Attempt….

I gave up a lot in 2003 after filing bankruptcy… I lost 2 homes, that were trashed extensively by my own grandchildren and that bankruptcy set me back 10 years and at my age, that is an eternity… and I got zero thanks for that loss from the people who did the damage… instead we got more of the following…

For some bizarre reason our grandchildren from one mother have this hostility that is so great, we are the targets for this hostility… even though I had to write off 100,000’s of dollars and watch the hard-earned credit I worked for go down the drain… because someone thought I owed them???

If I had any brains when I was young… abortion would have been top on my list… but, I believe life deserves a chance…even if others think I do not….

It cost us last summer, money we did not have… we were barely making it last summer, trying to dig out of the hole for moving here… and after that child left… the lies spread are on her… not us… we know the truth and so do the people back home…

Even my own sons have done this kind of behavior, like I owe them…??? REALLY!!!

I am no longer making any attempt with these children that think they are adults… more like mini Trumps…

The WILL’s have been changed and most of our estate will go to charity… I do not reward rude, vulgar behavior and just maybe someday they will wake up an smell the coffee, so to speak… but, even for blood I got this one warning….

You Can’t Fix Stupid… stupid has to want to be fixed….

Liars always sell themselves out…just look at Trump….

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I Remember… Margie….

Author: maggi9454

Margie was born into a typical christian military family... Her story is anything but typical... Domestic violence, rape, attempted murder and all done while my dad served in the U. S. Air Force and they buried the truth... then my own children impacted by Air Force cover up while I am active duty.... Rape, Attempted murder, domestic violence and discrimination in the name of the United States Government... and it is still happening as I write... just look at Trump, Kavanaugh and Thomas.... Circle of Silence is no more....