Hot diggity dog… MRI of the Brain….

Yippee!!! just got a call from the doc and the neuro doc wants a MRI of my brain…. YIPPEE!!!!!

Now if I can find the test from the VA in Oregon, we have something to compare….

So excited, I know the neuro doc thinks seizures… but like I have said repeatedly, not likely… been married to the same man for 24 years and he has never seen me have a seizure… I know the neuro doc will be looking for lesions or blood clots or plaque deposits… all of this will be for multiple sclerosis, dementia, etc… you know the bad diseases…. which were ruled out by the Oregon VA neurology department…

So I am thrilled that the doc is doing a MRI of my brain…. when they find nothing there… they will have to accept that my issues are related directly to domestic violence and having my head used as a punching bag by my mother… she was real good at hitting me in the head… and I remember every blow… Every one!!!

MRI is being ordered and will be done before I see the doctor in Feb…. once this is over with and they confirm what I already know… then onto getting the last bits of my research together and the book will take over my time, until it is done….

So exciting to be coming to the end of the medical side of this journey….

It really does make a difference, knowing about the TBI’s and PTSD… you can get help… No one ever told me… I had to figure this all out on my own… and the Air Force shrink said I had average intelligence… what a dumb ass….

Between remembering my childhood in so much detail, to getting the last test done… I couldn’t have asked for a better out come… finally American medicine is finally working for me…. now we just wait for Veterans approval and so far that is taking months… so much for care in under 30 days or less… yea Trump…. NOT!!!

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I Remember… Margie….