Aha moment, left side weakness….

I mentioned before and shared a picture of me in base housing and I am holding my left arm up and bent by my side, and I do this to this very day… in fact… caught myself doing something that is total habit since I was at least 14 years old… I caught myself consciously thinking of the task at hand as I was working in the kitchen… I just became aware of a habit that is 50 years old….

You see, in my kitchen, which I love to cook… but I don’t use lots of fancy junk… nope… I love cooking with cast Iron and use various kinds….. as I was putting things away I have a round and rectangle cast iron griddles and as I grabbed the oven door with my right hand, I am right-handed and opened the special section of the double oven, I consciously thought to myself, muscle, nerve and grab the cast iron with my weak side… the left… and I could have literally tossed that thing a good 10 feet, I swung it that hard… and I realized… 

I had always done this, when it came to any activity and I had to use the left side of my body and basic training hit me between the eyes… because of the obstacle course… we had to compete against the guys, of course the women won… but as I grabbed the rope to swing over the water hazard, I used my left arm for the main support and almost went in the water, except my right side grabbed almost at the same time, but it wasn’t first, the left was… I never forgot that obstacle course or that moment in time….

The research I have done says that if you have an injury on the right side, you know the temporal lobe area… it can impact some or all of the left side of the body… mine has always been the left side… remember the balance beam I talked about at Johnson AFB high school… my left side gave out… that was about 2 years after the Texas assault…. the place my dad got locked up and the Air Force sacrificed me and my siblings for the image of the military… just wow…

Anyway… it just shows that what the neuro doc is looking for, he might find in a severe brain injury or if I had a stroke of some kind and no one took me to the doctor…. funny how these memory things work…. 

Talking with Mike about Alabama and the boob incident and why I flunked a grade… because my mother nearly killed me and was embarrassed…. funny how I remember all of that incident… the before, the attack and the after…. bet mommy dearest never expected that… with the questions she asked when we lived in Arkansas a few years ago… nope, she got the answer she deserved… anything but the truth… I remember it all, kind of wish I didn’t though… it’s not that nice of a memory….

I am so hoping they let me peak at the MRI, I did radiology in the military for the dental field and learned how to read… and have done lots of reading of what the MRI would look like if there are issues… bet they won’t, but I can always ask, you know… geek out on them… bubbly personality… bribes…just a thought….

Anyway the aha moment, I became fully aware of a disability I have had since I was a teenager and just learned to compensate for it in life… made it through basic without hitting the pond… I’ll take it…

Hoping for physical therapy after the holidays, but the way things work around here, who knows… there isn’t any money in the VA system… for all the lies Trump tells… getting health care is taking months… next we will start dying… all because of the rich mans tax cut… Hale Trump….

so hope there is a blue wave tonight….

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