Any Takers???

Monday I got called about the MRI the Neuro doctor wants on me….

Today my hubby gets told they want a MRI or CT of the IVC filter….

Any bets on who gets their appointment first???

Remember… I am the veteran, 100% rated disabled… and it is taking months for me to get tests done… EEG, took over 45 days and Neurology appointment is not until Feb. of 2019… We are waiting for the red tape called approval by a contracted company, not a government agency… so accountability went out the door the minute Trump took over…

So any bets who gets care first…

Me… the Veteran or Hubby my dependent…..

My bet is on hubby and that is how the health care went to crap under Trump…

The veterans are the last to get care and the care we get is not very good… just read my blog… though I got to give my doctor credit, she is trying… but its the GOP that put us here and its the veteran that always pays….

Pay with our lives and our sanity….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….

Author: maggi9454

Margie was born into a typical christian military family... Her story is anything but typical... Domestic violence, rape, attempted murder and all done while my dad served in the U. S. Air Force and they buried the truth... then my own children impacted by Air Force cover up while I am active duty.... Rape, Attempted murder, domestic violence and discrimination in the name of the United States Government... and it is still happening as I write... just look at Trump, Kavanaugh and Thomas.... Circle of Silence is no more....

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