Good but weird day….

On the road back from the doctors after getting good news about Mike…. and I am just looking at the scenery and a memory rolls before my eyes… kind of memory that takes your breath away and you find your body tensing and try to move away from the danger… that kind of memory….

It was the memory from the TV show and I am pretty sure we were stationed in Kansas at the time and it was just me and sis, with another on the way…. about the time we bought the trailer I think or just before we bought it… around the age of 6… this picture shows the bruises and swelling…. from the head to the feet….


You can see the bruises on my forehead, my mothers favorite target and you can see the bruising on the right thigh and the swollen knees… when the picture is examined by professional software, it shows the damage in more detail… the right arm that mother is digging her fingers into, have what forensics call blunt force trauma fractures, and the wrist is deformed and swollen and the left arm fared no better, oh and the little finger on the right hand is broken… now the memory that flashed before my eyes….

I see this little girl hopping and jumping trying to break free of the grasp of the monster hitting her with, no less… a rod of some kind and I can hear the child screaming for all she is worth… all the while the monster is yelling….

You won’t talk about your sister ever again will you… as she swung that rod against that child…

She beat the child…. for telling the truth….You know what it never worked then and it will never work now… the fight or flight mechanish is shut off… the memory, her words or her person… have no value anymore…. Margie is free….

Trump just spent the last 2 years beating into Americans that the truth does not matter…. I hope the election last night shows him that America does not have his values or the values this monster has…. you do not have to have a label to do what is right…

Democracy is for everyone, not just the GOP, Trump and the religious…. 

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I Remember… Margie….