Value of human life….

Last night a young marine killed 12 people in a massacre…. 12 people who never had a chance to live the lives they were born to live… but then the marine didn’t get to live the life he was supposed to live…

I repeatedly bitch on face book about people who think the flag, which if you read the history was not used in the pledge to this nation until the 1950’s…. and the anthem… beautiful, but just words, the flag… just cloth…. the marine… a human life, with a soul and heart … 

What is the value in America for life… the flag and anthem or the men and women in uniform protecting your right to choose flag, anthem or veteran…. and most of the population choses inanimate objects over human life… thus the issues of religion… because they falsely believe there is life after the heart and brain die… you really can not fix stupid….

As a person who served in honor guard and buried more veterans than I can count… it wasn’t the flag we put over the coffin and had to fold… it wasn’t the taps being played to put the veteran to rest….. it was so much more…

It was the wife or husband, the son or daughter and the worse, the mother or father that told me what the cost of freedom was… not the flag… not the anthem…. but the human life, that I just help to put six feet under….

Never made it through one funeral where I didn’t shed tears… and I rarely knew the person we were burying… we were there to respect their service to a nation that has so little gratitude, that the flag and anthem has more meaning than the life that no longer has a voice… but a record of honorable service to a less than grateful nation….

So what is the value of life to you…???

For me… it is the sweat, tears, hugs, words, and bond we have as humans with each other…. but people like Trump want you to praise an object….

I am asking you to praise a human being…. the millions of VETERANS… who gave all, so you could bitch about a football player kneeling, who exercised his right under the constitution….

Trump wants you to think the sky is falling….

It already did for the millions who wore the uniform of the United States Military…..they went to their grave knowing you prefer a flag and anthem over them…. a human who gave and sacrificed all for America….

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