Veterans Day, we honor the living and those gone before us….


I have been lucky with my travels around this world… visited many places that honor those who served before me….

The one that I was impacted by the most… The one on Hawaii, the memorial to the men killed the day Pearl Harbor was attacked…. walking out on that platform and looking down at the bubbles still coming up from that sunken ship… and it hurt…. and then you saw the names, people died for our liberty….

Every time I heard taps played and the 21 gun salute, tears upon my face as I folded the flag of that fallen service member, watching as the flag was given to the family member and that is when you saw what the cost of freedom really is….

Trump may not know what truth is or courage or what it means to be a leader… his soul is not our concern….Β 

Our country is…. to all those who are serving and have served, thank you for your service…. continue to keep us safe….


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