Thank You For Your Service…???

Really??? I do dislike that phrase… I find it insulting… I joined the military because of many reasons, the one that stands out the most is related to Margies song… wanting to belong….

I was denied that right to belong to a family by the time I was 6 years old and spilled the horrible news about my lil sis’s health problem… you see, mom took it as a reflection on her ability to birth a perfect human being and so far, she wasn’t doing to good… her oldest boy was already following her footsteps and then I came along, and oh dear, did evolution put a mouth on this child… then sis came along and all hell broke loose… yep, it was never about the kids… always about the mom….

For me, joining the military meant freedom… freedom to be me and boy was I in for a rude awakening… because for me to be me… meant standing up to the many men at Vance AFB that assaulted me… and when I asked for help I got…..

“What did you do to invite such behavior”…. this is 1978 and I got the TRUMP TREATMENT even then….

Yet I pushed on an tried to be a good airman and do a good job taking care of my patients… but all the while all people saw was this…..

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I get it now, took me being married for 24 years to get it.. because I wouldn’t let my husband ever tell me I was beautiful… the first time he did, I went off on him… because, I knew, people judged me by how I looked, not how I lived my life… their fantasy was my shame and I never even got to earn the reputation they gave me….

I am still proud of my service, if not angry about it… I had a blast, had so much fun, volunteering and doing what I knew was right for me and mine… but I was still judged by my looks…. not my treatment of patients or Honor Guard… my looks…

When I got pushed out of the military so they could protect the base and cover up the rape and attempted murder of my children…. I lost all heart and care for the nation my family has fought hundreds of years for, no one fought for me…

My discharge says mood disorder… but the VA and testing says the Air Force lied… and 100% disabled veteran is my reward, if you can call it that….

Just so those at Vance AFB that were in power could sleep at night, while I struggled with a childs nightmares and my own… 

I wear those scars daily….

So when someone whines about the flag and anthem… I just look in the mirror and I see the true sacrifice for freedom….

Me… and every victim of sexual assault…. in uniform….Sgt USAF DAV

San Antonio circa 1977

Happy veterans day….

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I Remember… Margie….