He Does Not Respect….

Recently a granddaughter stated her brother didn’t dis-respect women/girls…. yet, he has done just that to me for some time now… as has his father, his sisters, mother, step dad….. words have little value, but their actions speak volumes and in reality, that is what people judge each other on… isn’t it???

For instance my mother has built this world around her that some are just now seeing through… I told all my siblings… the woman you know, is not the woman I know… so she rips me down every chance and I smile with that thought… because, I left home in 1972 and 48 years later, I didn’t look back… so she has all the imagination in the world to build her lies upon… and they believe and in so doing, disrespect…. hey, they are christians, what do you expect… angels???

There was Sgt that lived down the street from me on Vance AFB, her and I were friends and I barely knew her husband… I was invited over, while the wife was away, to be shown some new plaster faces on the wall, so I stopped by and when the husband turned to me, he pulled my tube shirt down and exposed my breasts… I left immediately… I never wore that kind of top again, in public… the wife later treated me like I was dog shit… So I can only imagine the BS he told his wife…. he disrespected…

My last job with USDA and employee was retiring so we took her out for drinks and her husband drove me to my car as I left the party early and took me back to Okanogan and as I excited the Van, he assaulted me… this was 1994….. and yes we were alone… he took his moment of opportunity to assault me… I will never forget his lips on my mouth, I gag to this day thinking about it….

Men respect only what they can take… and the women that hang with these men are no better….

You can tell me till hell freezes over that this man or boy will never disrespect and I will call you delusional…. and the same goes for the females…

It is not acceptable to lay hands on a girl, boy, man or woman, unless you have been invited verbally to do so… Same goes for lies…

Ya know, some of my kids and grandkids are really in for a rude awakening and Mike, he already plans to have a front row seat, when I put on my thinking cap of reality check in the future… just by putting this in print… they will go out of their way to keep their distance…  and frankly that makes for a more peaceful, less drama filled life… they fear me, because of their imagination… lol… you really can not fix stupid, even blood….boo!!!

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