It is possible to forgive someone for hurting you….

Forgetting is not possible…. unless you have brain injury that precludes you from remembering….

I do not think my forgiving anyone for anything has any value…..

You first have to forgive yourself…. that is the value in life…. start with yourself….

Growth comes from lessons learned an learning to like an respect yourself… without that foundation… of first learning to respect ourselves….

How can we respect others???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember…. Margie….

Author: Adorable Spite

Domestic violence is an old song, sung thru the ages like a hymn and purported to be the way christians live their lives... full of deceit, hate, bigotry and most of all fear... It is that fear that cost me my virginity, my soul and most of all my humanity... I had to fight to keep the christians hands off my soul, but they stole from my body and so did the U. S. Air Force... Rape and attempted murder... but image was more important... Vance AFB and Webb AFB... #WhyIDidntTell #MeToo TimesUP, Circle of Silence is no more....

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