Depression …. 0

It didn’t win today… Depression that is… I dealt with it in a different way, a habit that I am getting into… a habit that I like the results of… tho, I still need work as employees at Wal-Mart in Hilo found out, worse store ever… ugh….

Anyway… since we went into town so early, the angel tree was not available, so we opted to donate a $100 worth of can goods to the local food bank…..

Stopped off at Big Island Candy and ordered a couple of baskets for family and that was an experience I will not repeat… no clue what is up everyone’s ass, but being polite to paying customers is not it… and we won’t be back… Haven’t stepped foot in a red lobster in over 20 years… piss me off and you lose me as a customer…. It is my money after all….

Stopped off at habitat for humanity and donated the TV cabinet we just replaced…. plus a couple other items…

And Wal-Mart employees became a memory that can be put in the trash… a necessary evil living here, it’s cheap…. and rich I am not…

Picked up our mail and we got a gift card from Mikes step mom…. so we started scheming what to get and it struck me… the main reason we went in Wal-Mart was to replace our theatre sound system with something that works off blue tooth and the employee, well between cosmetics cashier and electronics employee… I won’t be in walmart the rest of this year… they be too bitchy for my attitude… and my attitude right now, rips new assholes…

So… by the time we got home from our morning of doing… my mood had changed and I was looking forward to spending mom’s money…. and I realize… 

I beat the depression again… I didn’t let it take my day and ruin it… instead, I went the other direction… doesn’t mean I am not pissy… you get woke seeing Lindsey Graham in your sleep and try to turn over and close your eyes…. 

4:30 AM was the wake up time and home for the rest of the day, with my little bowl of smiley face…..

Yep… Depression 0… Me, my holiday shopping is done and I do not have to leave my house to go into town and be nice to rude people….

Yep, I’m good…. Hope the few gifts we did, everyone likes…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….

Author: Adorable Spite

Domestic violence is an old song, sung thru the ages like a hymn and purported to be the way christians live their lives... full of deceit, hate, bigotry and most of all fear... It is that fear that cost me my virginity, my soul and most of all my humanity... I had to fight to keep the christians hands off my soul, but they stole from my body and so did the U. S. Air Force... Rape and attempted murder... but image was more important... Vance AFB and Webb AFB... #WhyIDidntTell #MeToo TimesUP, Circle of Silence is no more....

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