Quit Blaiming the 21st Century!!!

I will be the first to agree, no one wants to be conquered and kicked off the land they lived on for thousands of years…. No One!!!

In America, it is discrimination this, or color that, or land this or sovereignty that….

What happened to the native people of the Americas was done by people who lived and died over a 100 years ago!!! Yet no out cry for what Russia and China are doing???

Yesterday in Wal-mart at Hilo, Hawaii… not the first time this has happened since we moved here a few years ago… the customers who were of asian or Hawaiian ethnicity, were treated different from this white skinned round-eyed human…. a USAF DAV… not once, but 3 times before I left the store, I was discriminated against… because of how I look??? I was treated rudely by these employees… but every customer of their ethnic group was treated courteous….

I mean for real… Sam Walton would walk those employees out the door and tell them not to come back… He did that at a little store in Mena, Arkansas… I know, my dad worked there and the employee was the Assistant Manager…

So until all this behavior happened, all I saw was a human in an outfit that said they worked there… I saw nothing else, until I was treated indiscriminately as if, I was not a paying customer… but a person, who looked and talked different from them…. not once did it happen, but 3 times before I left the Wal-mart in Hilo all 3 employees were rude….

We went to Big Island Candy and one employee acted as if she was doing us a big favor, but all smiles with the ethnic group she belongs too??? I mean holy crap on a cracker, what happened to humanity….

I have seen this behavior my whole life and people wonder how Trump became president… because you let those of less education be your voice when the time came to vote…. and the bigots are winning….

The Nation is losing…. Bigotry is a choice… I was born human, but my DNA, says I come from various countries and nationalities… I identify with only one…

Human… that is all I see, when I look at you… what and how you live, determines your label…. mine… a flawed human that just wants to live life free of bigotry and hate…

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I Remember…. Margie….