Finding the Beauty of Life….

Back in the day, when I was over whelmed with memories I didn’t understand or want to recognize… I forced myself to start the day by looking at the beauty of the world around me… regardless of where I lived… For all intent and purpose… I was head faking myself, so I didn’t have to deal with the memories that were causing my depression… same thing religion does by telling you to pray… when in reality you are talking to yourself in your head… I chose me over an invisible god… I exist… the dude is in the imagination of the mentally handicapped….

Once I realized religion was a con and a control mechanism… I turned to myself for support, friendship and trust… since everything that ever came out of the bible was a total lie… I had to figure out who and what in life was real and most of all truthful, and factual…

That created a conflict inside me that lasted less than a couple of years… Simply by moving to Mena, Arkansas and watching my family in action… Any religion I had left in me by 2003… The family destroyed it, in less than 6 months… and I knew… Religion was about control and deceit….

15 years later, when I wake up early like today, around 3 AM… I told myself before I went back to sleep as I was looking at the brightest star in the sky, I was going to have a good day, free of the angst that comes with PTSD… and you know what, I went back to sleep and slept a couple more hours and woke up feeling good…

I didn’t pray in my head to a god that does not exist and never has… 

I simply told myself, this was the way my day was going to be and mother nature provided the rest…

Letting go of the superstitions of man… best thing for this woman… because those superstitions… are all about control…. and that control…. is nothing more than keeping women underneath men…

Well boys, grab your big boy panties… because the women in America woke up and they are going to show you exactly how to get things done… and being under men… will never happen again…. at least that is my hope… but, you can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix itself….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….

Author: Adorable Spite

Domestic violence is an old song, sung thru the ages like a hymn and purported to be the way christians live their lives... full of deceit, hate, bigotry and most of all fear... It is that fear that cost me my virginity, my soul and most of all my humanity... I had to fight to keep the christians hands off my soul, but they stole from my body and so did the U. S. Air Force... Rape and attempted murder... but image was more important... Vance AFB and Webb AFB... #WhyIDidntTell #MeToo TimesUP, Circle of Silence is no more....

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