Always, Looking for the Truth….

Truth can be elusive…. The more my brain settles down and becomes more organized, the more I realize… I set my siblings up and laid the trap for my parents after the beating on Japan that left me with the neuropathy and so much more damage than I thought possible, but, always suspected and I mentioned it many times to my sister that says we are so close… so in a sense… I did set her up… I told her the truth… and she flat-out lied to me…. I have said for decades… the dumbest thing you can do is lie to me and that was long before I knew I had this special edetic memory ability….

Consistent behavior, yep, pretty much…. as my friend that knew me on Japan back in 69 said… my honesty today, was the same honesty of then…. I didn’t allow the world or religion to take the truth away from me… Because of fear or imagined sins…. I embrace life, not hide from it…Β 

For me, truth was the most sacred thing out there that was not tangible… only because, no one has walked with me through my whole life… only hubby for the last 24 years and counting….Doesn’t mean I didn’t stray from that path… I did, just like anyone else… I told a little lie out of no other reason… than that was what the brain choose and when It backfired on me… that was the end of those little lies… That happened back in 1987, I was 33 years old and I knew… Truth meant something and it had value to me… I corrected that little lie I told and even wrote about it in the blog…. I declined an opportunity and lied saying I took advantage of an opportunity… that was my big lie, back in 87 and I remember it distinctly, so that I never made the same mistake again….

When I carried on conversations with my sister or mother…. I laid the trap, and they jumped in with both feet… they did that consistently until last year, when I got my memories back and realized what had happened to me as a child…. and the part they played in trying to bury the truth… both women call themselves christian and to me… all that means… is liar, beater, thief, cheat, rapist and murder…. and that is all I see, when people tell me they are religious…. someone hiding from reality, just so they can get their rocks off, by hurting other people or animals… but their god will forgive them… Insanity at its best….

I will always seek the truth, even in this blog… It is too important to ignore or dismiss…Β 

Without truth… the soul seeks the dark path, just as the night does… and it never looks for the light of day again….I like my soul free of the entrapments of human superstitions…. and If I write something that is not correct and I find that out, I will correct my writing… I will own truth and the facts that support it…and me…

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I Remember… Margie….