Autonomic gave me a break….

What started yesterday with an electrical pulse from the central nervous system to my internal organs…. around 1 or 2 yesterday afternoon…. has ended 18 hours later….

That is one thing about this and why I tried to get my doctor to understand…. It’s not seizures I deal with… it’s a central nervous system over load and I can always tell when it’s happening ….. I just can’t tell how bad it’s going to be or how long it will last….and that’s because the signal may come from the brain… but the electrical charge that hits, is just like a devibilator and it’s not the brain that gets hit… it’s always someplace in my body… yes, I get that is more sounding like a seizure… but, the only attack I have that is ever the same… is the one I just described… all the rest impact me differently and none of these central system overloads has ever impacted me like the profiles for seizures…. and that is why the doctors never got it right… maybe when this MRI is done in the twilight zone, I might get answers or just more questions…. but that was 2 months ago the doc requested it… nothing like being a 100% service connected disabled veteran and you have to wait and wait and wait to get health care…

“but Melania is the most bullied woman on the planet…. Was that planet “Bull Shit”????”

This time it quit early…. Once I start getting warmth back to my feet and fingers… I know the nerves are settling down and the brain is going to feel like it’s tired and fatigued, because the body just went to hell and back….

This is just one issue I deal with that is Autonomic…. and for me it’s the worse one… 

It will be interesting to see, once this cold is done… If I have headaches or do I get a break after this last 24 hours…. 

When the good times happen and I can get out and go do things… we do…. I take advantage of the good moments and just walk along with the bad…. and live….

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I Remember… Margie….