DNA and its value???

DNA report….. this link should take you to a page that shows what my DNA says I am made up of… No prayers or gods…. Just good old fashion science backed with facts and not fantasy….


I wanted a DNA test, since the first time I heard about them… Not only to prove that I was born into the psycho family I lived among…. which, was a total bummer when I found out, they were blood… ya know that saying blood is thicker than water…. I’ll take the water….

Another reason I wanted the DNA test, to see where my mother came from… my dad’s ancestry was just as complicated… but not as diverse or maybe that is the wrong word… my mother’s family goes all the way back to the 800’s BCE (before current era)…. and I tried for 2 years to disprove the connection to the royalty of Europe… all the way back to the Holy Roman Emperor and when I couldn’t disprove the biological connection… I started looking at the health history…

Now if mom’s ancestry had not been royalty… I probably would know about as much about her as I do dad’s ancestry… but mom’s line is well documented down through the history, so health information was very easy to find… when they are kings, queens, princes, princess’… you get my meaning…. the whole bunch that was in power before the current queens family took over back in the 1400 or 1500’s… been a while since I read the stuff I documented…and the stuff is packed, so hope I remember right…

That being said… with my own extensive health issues and not knowing or remembering the domestic violence I endured for nearly 18 years…. I was reaching for anything and everything, so I could blame my health issues on something… and when that didn’t pan out…. that is when I went back to the memory of confronting mom about the missing memory….. a year later the shrink at El Paso VA said PTSD….. 6 years later a young man murdered 26 people and their deaths is what gave Margie a chance to speak about Big Springs, Texas…. and most of all Maggi listened….

Though the DNA test has been beneficial for medical reasons, it helped to rule out a lot of genetic issues, which is why I knew every time the doctors said I had something I said nope, genetic testing says I do not have that illness and when the VA paid for the same testing this year and confirmed what 23andMe DNA website said…. I just thought, for those who are looking for answers and can not afford the thousand or so for medical DNA testing… Do it through this site… 23andMe

My husband also has had medical genetic testing and his results were the same as the results from the 23andMe site…..

It is never fun to speculate about health, when you can get science to give you the answers….

I know it has given me and mine a peace of mind, knowing we are not carriers of so many of the diseases that run in my mother’s family…. so far several of my immediate family have done this test…. to many died from cancer and heart disease… this test told us what lifestyle changes we should make, so that we have the best life possible in the time life gave us….¬†

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