Inflamation from Neuropathy…. Treated Hawaii style….

We all know that inflammation is our worse enemy for the body and for animals… I have a 100 pound dog on very stong NSAIDs, because of a disease he had at birth… so 7 years on a strong dose and trying to keep him healthy… Same goes for me and hubby…. Hubby triple by-pass and RA… and then me with Neuropathy, TBI & Thyroid disease….

So I looked into all kinds of natural ways and saw the use of natural Tumeric and put that in all of our diet, including the dog…. and even the vet is surprised how active the big guy is with his issues…. but…. it did nothing for me or Mike… the Tumeric, well not 100 % nothing… I would give it a 2 to 3 % improvement overall…  Been using it for 10 years or so….

When we moved to Hawaii, I tried the HGH human growth hormone for a year… and that is when my thyroid started reversing and I am one dosage away from getting off medication…. but I didn’t pursue the HGH after that 1 year experiment….

When I had major surgery this year and was evaluated by the neurologist and got the official Neuropathy diagnosis, on her list of supplements for me to take was this;

Astaxanthin was the form I purchased… It is developed here on Hawaii at the university and I was skeptical, but I figured why not try… so in May I purchased enough for Mike and I to both take it and the results are very surprising…

He believes it gave him relief from his RA inflammation and the pain is not as intense and over all he feels better… as for me… I feel better, not 100%, not sure that is possible… but I feel good enough, that I am back out walking a mile every day… I do the PT exercises and have built up muscle to do 5 push ups without face planting myself and I don’t get up at night with cramps in my feet or legs, like I used to so regularly and so did Mike… his cramps were the worse… 

We take BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin 12mg once daily… Costco sells that for $39.99 or 49.99 and the lower dosage is $29.99…..

We have taken it faithfully now for 6 months and it is one supplement, we will continue taking… I have tried pain meds, other pain inhibitors, tens units, exercises, meditation and honestly… it really does help with my neuropathy and Mike swears it helps with his RA…

We are non smokers and do not drink and we are both active and eat a very healthy diet…. So if you try this… give yourself 6 months and be honest… if you are going to spend the bucks… then do it clean… and yep we are still smoking our pot here on Hawaii…. we take our BioAstin with our supper every day….

We think it works and so do those at the university…. Check with viamin stores, they carry it also, but it may have a different name… just tell them you want the one found in Hawaii…. by Nutrex…. wish they had this 20 years ago…. better late than never… I also read it is good for people fighting inflamation because of cancer and treatment….

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