Humanity, what happened….

I remember Will Rogers and his ability to take a bigot, make a joke about that bigot and the bigot would laugh with him…. because back then, Truth mattered….

Gen Mattis resigning scares me to my core… He is one, I was lucky to have met many years ago… For him to leave the white house, means Trump just threw American troops under the bus….

It is as if Vietnam never ended, because what is coming, should scare you…. and I ask one question???

When did religion, Russia and China take over our White House????

How long before the draft is implemented and our children’s children fight a war that has no other purpose, but to make people like Trump wealthy….and hand over Democracy to dictatorship…. What happened to Ryan, Mcconnell, Hatch, Graham…. What happened to democracy and humanity???

What happened to America???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember…. Margie…..