The War on Atheist…..

Have you ever seen war??? Heard the big guns and the little guns… the last sounds of life leaving a human, whose only mistake…. live in a land where leaders think war is the only answer and when that didn’t work, they made religion, so that all humans would have conflict… Just so those same leaders, could win a war….

I saw the results of war on Okinawa at the new hospital built, just for those being murdered and injured because France wanted their territory back on land that was never theirs to begin with…. Saw the results at the Arizona memorial and the bubbles leaking from the ship beneath me and a sense, life was lost for nothing more than making people believe what you believe….

Maybe that is my biggest reason for hating anything to do with any kind of control or most of all religion… because it is not about humanity…. It is about making you believe what the leaders believe… thus the war against ATHEIST…. but they say its aginst christians… and that is a LIE…Β 

Psychology will tell you, to believe in something that has no basis in truth, is mental illness… Yet the world is populated with people who believe in hundreds of different gods or faiths…. and all based on stories and no basis on facts….

I remember my parents, the most violent and ugly people I have ever met in my life on this planet for the last 64 years and they took that religion and used it as a tool to control… Not teach…. but to control… and a broken body is my not my reward…

Humanity is…. and christians do not believe in HUMANITY….

Once I got passed the head fake on religion and acknowledge it was a control mechanism put in place by governments for thousands of years, for one sole purpose….

Control….Being who I am, and individual, with a brain that refuses to dumb down to fear a god that can not be proven, because it does take two to tangle and no human on this planet has ever been born without Male Sperm and Female Egg…

The pyramids were built long before Moses and Moses was actually a soldier and murdered someone, so he misused the African 48 rules and made them into the ten commandments…. and people believed…. because of FEAR…

Just like people believe Trump…. Con’s are born every second of every day…. Stupid is a matter of choice…. Bigotry is a matter of choice…. Hate is a matter of choice….


I live with my head on my shoulders, not up my ass…. like Trump and his base…..

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I Remember… Margie….