Waiting on Life…. 3 min… apart…

Today our great-grandson decided it was time to work on entering this world we call earth…

He will come into this world, free of bigotry, hate, fear and most of all innocent… because he has not been warped by humans and their fears of living in the real world….

I hope to be home in the next year or two and be there for that little man and to make sure, if he decides he has questions about gods, I can give him honest, unbiased answers and the desire to seek those answers from not just me, but many sources on this planet…

His great-grandmother is a believer in science and facts…. not mythology and lies….

His GG will teach him, that it is up to him to find what makes him a whole person… If that is a god, that can not be touched, seen or heard… then I will take it to heart that my great-grandson is bat shit crazy and will treat him accordingly until he gets his head out of his ass…

His GG will be there if he decides to pursue science and how the world, universe and galaxy really came to be…. 

His GG will be there if he decides medicine is his passion….

His GG will be there if he decides the earth is his passion….

What ever choice my little Leo wants to make, I will be there to support him and answer the questions I can… and those that I can not, I will defer to those scholars that know more than I ever will….

But most of all GG will be there, when America is at war and the draft has been implemented and my great-grandson is called to serve…. I hope to give him the strength and love and support that I as a military member never got from my family…..

I hope to be there and be a guide and teacher with 64 years of living experience….

I hope to be there and show him what truth is and how important we see that…..


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