Humanity Lost….

I am still bothered by the treatment I got at the doctor’s office last week…

The doctor and employee wanted me to know how upset they were and how the doctor shed tears over that fax I sent…

Do you know, not one person in that office asked how are you dealing with the knowledge that all the injuries to your body are because your parents are christians like we are???

Nor did they ask how are you dealing with the knowledge that your parents killed you????

Nor did they ask, how does it feel to no longer have a family???

Nor did they ask, are there any other issues we need to address????

No, that appointment, other than them covering their ass, I was attacked!!!

If I wasn’t at such a critical stage of this journey to get answers and if I wasn’t aware of the issues I am having that can be life altering….

I would tell those people to go screw themselves!!!! Which I have done before and you can see where that got me!!!

What happened to Humanity???

I apologized to the doctor and I all I got was hostility!!!!

So over EGO and stupidity and most of all christians!!! They are such bigots!!!

Now do I know if they are christian, nope, but on this island, just like in the southern states… there are churches everywhere on this island, so I doubt seriously if I am wrong…

Even if I am… their lack of humanity, except by one employee, showed me just what kind of people I am dealing with in that clinic and our relationship is 100% in the toilet, until they apologize to me!!! and even then, the damage is done… the doctor always shakes hands when she comes in the room… instead she went right into attacking me!!!

So much for the Hippocratic oath… “Do No Harm”!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… hope someone does…