Being Dismissed by Doctors ….edited twice

I asked for a cerebral angiography because I believe their are either clots or blockage…

To put me through unnecessary test that could mean I will still have to undergo another MRI but in conjunction with a cerebral angiography has really pissed me off…

The doctors are making assumptions that nothing is there an this will turn out to be non invasive… because they think I do not know my body and no more procedures will be needed, instead of doing this all at one time…

So if this is not non invasive and I have to undergo a 3rd MRI in short order….well….

I have been exposed to excessive radiation because of my job in the military doing radiology an the excessive amount of exposure by the military an VA…

You can count on an issue with this direction the medical side is taking with no regard to my welfare or comfort or peace of mind….

They better hope like hell, this test in a few days finds NOTHING!!!

Because if it does and I have to undergo a cerebral angiography on top of this test, that unfiltered mouth of mine is going to get very loud an not friendly!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…hope someone does after the VA kills me!!!


Yes, I hope they find nothing either…but it took me 40 years to get a doctor to listen, and it would be nice if they just would listen…and not assume based on their knowledge, but my knowledge of my body and what I have lived with since 1967….

We plan to shop after the MRI an the drug to keep me calm will not wear off till we head home… The people on that side of the island are rude beyond belief in Costco… Told Mike that might be the only time I enjoy going in there because I won’t give a shit…100 smiling laughing emojis…

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