Pain in skull connected to dent in skull….

These aha moments happen at the weirdest moments….

I reached up an touched my head where it hurts in the dura and I hit the area of my skull that feels like a dent and that area when palpitated, hurts an the aha happened…

It has hurt since Texas….

The military did multiple radio active bone scans and I have one of those scans and you got it….

They told me at one time it looked like I sustained trauma, but I told them I did not… Why???

Because I did not remember and when I called Freda from Japan and asked…. she said…”you never had anything happen, just childhood illness”….

Christians would rather go to that grave a coward, than tell the truth…. wow, I will never not hate religion and the ones who practice it, why…

My body of evidence speaks for itself…..

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember…Margie… please do…


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