BP med…Another med in the trash….

Propranolol…. another drug my body will not tolerate… You want to talk about a living hell for the last 8 days… well that drug is number 1 on my list to never take… in fact, I will never take another Beta blocker or anything else along this line…

The misery my body and brain has been in since I started the medication 9 days ago is off the chart…

My body is showing bruises that just appear, my internal organs hurt and they already hurt to begin with!!!

Sleep, I wouldn’t have a clue what sleep is and haven’t had any sleep since I started the medication a week ago Friday!!!!

As for my heart rate, when I checked my pulse this morning, I thought I was feeling a person who was dying, the pause between beats was that long!!!! and yep I took that fancy new monitor and checked it via that also, way to low, below 60 beats per minute!!!

Nope this is one drug and class of drug, I will never take again….

According to the science, and the fact I was taking half a tablet in the AM & PM… and haven’t been on it long enough to have any long-term impact…

This morning half pill will stay in its bottle!!!

MRA is in a couple of days… if there is any type of vein disorder or disease, not sure this test will show it… that was why I wanted a cerebral angiography… my instincts tell me I have exactly that kind of problem…

But psychic I am not and tired and exhausted I am… I would rather be rested for the upcoming MRI test, than exhausted and off the chart bitchy when I go to that hospital for the test…

If they do find an acute problem, it is all on the VA to get me to Oahu before I have a stroke or heart attack…

Like I said, lawyers have been on our payroll for a couple of years… we both have pending lawsuits because of implants that caused damage to our bodies… both hubby and I… Not something I like to think about… another round of intrusive lawyers… but I am so over not being heard!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…will anyone???


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